Counter Pressure Bottle Filler for Vent-Matic / Perlick / Intertap

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Tapcooler Counter Pressure Bottle Filler for forward sealing beer taps.

Compact Counter Pressure Bottle Filler that plugs into beer taps with 10.0 mm inner diameter. Fits Vent-Matic, Perlick 600 series, Ultratap and Intertap. Fits Perlick 500 series with optional tap connector. Cannot be used with ventilated beer taps, i.e.  they can only be used with forward sealing beer taps. Optional extension tubeIntertap connection tube and beer valve with keg connector available.

Push-fit (John Guest) CO2 connector for 3/16 inch outer diameter tubes. Included barb adaptor for 6-8 mm inner diameter tubes. Optional ball lock adaptor available. CO2 flow is controlled by a push button valve.

CO2 and beer is filled from the bottom of the bottle through the bottle connector tube. The tube is telescopic, enabling filling of bottles with  10,5 - 31,5 cm heigth. When filling taller bottles, the tube will not reach the bottom of the bottle. The bottle mouth seal is made from food grade silicon. It has a flange that directs eventual spills along the sides of the bottle. When filling large mouth containers, a bottle stopper of suitable size and with a 9 mm hole may be used.

The Counter Pressure Bottle Filler has an adjustable pressure relief valve controlling the pressure inside the bottle and thus the filling speed. How fast the bottle can be filled without too much foaming depends on COlevel, beer temperature and bottle temperature.

All metal parts are made of stainless steel (SS304). The CO2 adaptor is made of aluminium.

The Counter Pressure Bottle Filler comes with a storage box.

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